3CX VoiP

Why invest in a 3CX Communications System?

  • It’s an affordable, complete system of voice networking products that makes any time any where secure access to information possible.
  • Enables more effective and efficient ways of communicating with customers and employees.
  • Purpose built business communications solution that is easy to deploy and use while allowing for business growth.
  • Easy integration with existing desktop applications

3CX VoiP Communication Features Set

  • Call Processing and routing with Digital Receptionish
  • Voice Mail and Automated Attendant
  • Full portfolio of Cisco/Yealink IP phones to meet the Small Medium Business needs
  • Full featured Voice over IP capability using H323 and SIP protocols
  • System level Configuration and Management solution
  • A “purpose-built solution” for the small business
  • Windows base system that can run from any

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