Training Equals Productivity

Good training for you and your staff is critical in helping you to confidently produce good work with your technology investment. As a new client, you’ll get training sessions right away. Initially, the training is to familiarize you with the specifics of the normal desktop computer setup that your business has chosen. The training covers the basics like where are files stored, logging into the computer and how to print. You and your employees will subsequently have access to virtual training, tutorials, and additional specialized courses to ensure that all of your staff can work productively.

Initial Training Topics:

  • Logging in to YourNewDesktop (onsite and remote)
  • E-mail access from Outlook or Internet Browsers
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Printing
  • Saving and Opening documents
  • And a few other goodies to get you started…

Internal Help?

About the “Computer Helper Employee.” Our systems are designed to work the same throughout your business. If you currently shudder when you see one employee helping another in your office, we can help you relax. When your computers all work identically from your choices, some quick help from someone on your own staff will actually be a real help. Since your work is related to the details of your company, training between your employees becomes much more effective. Your employees won’t be teaching computers, they’ll be teaching your business. It’s just one more way that our systems help you get out of the computer and back into your business.

Need More?

As you need it, we are also available to provide more in depth training at your location. If your new training needs are significant or you are seeking some serious staff development, then we’ll be happy to help you work with one of the many training companies that use our services regularly. Our systems are so fast and flexible that training companies frequently hire us to set up that room of 15 computers that only needs to exist for a week. It’s good to know people and our friends are your friends.

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