Labtech Agent Benefits

YourNewDestkop Agent key benefits and features

  • The agent allow for use to track your asset for all systems with the agents (we would be able to generate a report as needed, purchase date, expired warranty, drive space, memory, cpu, etc).
  • Microsoft patches remotely to keep the system safe from new malware by keeping up with security patches.
  • Patch standard third-party software (Java, Acrobat reader, Flash, Firefox, Skype, Chrome, and more). Many malware are the cause of these standard applications not up today.
  • We would be able to work and support you after hours to minimize disruption to employee productivity. (without agent, we would NOT be able to remote into any system without someone onsite to grant access)
  • Monitor how backup is doing for all your desktops and servers without visiting each device to check the status.
  • If system or network is down, we would not know quickly the cause and isolate a solutions. YourNewDesktop will be able to check all systems and network to start isolating the cause the the time of outage.
  • YourNewDesktop will be able to track any license keys that are install on the system.
  • Able to flag any malware, toolbar, blacklist software installed on your system until users complain that their system is slow or not working. then we will be able to keep these software from their systems.
  • Quickly remove infected laptops remotely by stopping the bad process and starting the clean-up procedures on the back end running as a System users.

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