Ransomware – Anti-Virus

Ransomware and Anti-Virus Prevention Services

Are you loosing productivity with Virus Attacks?

YourNewDesktop is a SentinelOne and Arete partner. Virus is major distruption to businesses success. There are more and more variation every day. These “hacker” objective is get information and finance from your company. The motive have change from fame and destruction to one of profit. The viruses are engineer to gather passwords, address books, and other company data that are worth a lot of money.

YourNewDesktop understand the frustration and lost of revenue to business. We have solutions to protect our clients on the desktop and on the network infrastructure. Virus filter install on the desktop or server are a good defense. The benefit with a MDR (SentinelOne) protection as an IT administrator is to be alerted when a Virus are detected. Knowing the attack is taking place give us an edge to prevent spreading to other users in the company. We know hackers are really smart, staying one step ahead keep your business profitable.

Here is a lists of FEATURES:

  • Virus and Trojan Filter (Definition update in the cloud)
  • 24 x 7 NOC to monitor SentinelOne
  • Centralize Management Console
  • Outbreak Protection
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Central License Management
  • SPAM Message Filter
  • Fast Scanning
  • Remote Management
  • Support for Windows Desktop / Laptop / Servers

YourNewDesktop have successfully converted and implement many client to benefit from Postini. As a partner, we have access to enterprise level support and we extend our discount to you. We have many great solution for virus, SPAM, and ransomeware. Give us a call.

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