Easy and Simple

It Just Works!!

YourNewDesktop uses proven technology in a great design to deliver fast networked computers. We are very proud of our work because it’s cost effective and everyone gets everything. Your company gets all of the features from the very first day.

Simplicity and Time Savings

You choose what you want your computers to do and we stick to your limits. We limit what software can be loaded on the computers. That means you get clean computers with no unnecessary, distracting software, no internet downloads, no music piracy, no gaming. Your fast desktops run smoothly because they are built to serve your choices. You’ll be confident that employees using your computers are using it for work. Your computers are stable and won’t have viruses, spyware, worms, or Trojans.

A New employees can have a new workstation running in days (possibly hours),instead of weeks. Since all your new desktops can look identical, you choose only one system one system to learn. No more wasted time for employees trying to figure out how that particular computer works. They all work right– every time.

Normal Fast Networked Computers, but much harder to break!

You get fast, normal desktop computers that work every time. You get to use all your regular software. And the computers only get changed when you say so.

Access at Anytime and from Anywhere

Our clients find HUGE increases in productivity when employees can access their work computer at anytime and from anywhere.


  • Sally forgot to send out a proposal? She can log in from home, send it, and back to sleep.
  • Doug is out of town on a family emergency? Not a problem. He can take care of family as well as tend to critical job functions.
  • Mary is having a baby? Congratulations! She can stay at home and log on when it is convenient to do a little bookkeeping.

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