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Ever feel like your tech support doesn’t really listen to you? You don’t have to put up with it anymore. YourNewDesktop promises support will be fast, personal and friendly. We are experts at doing our jobs and we can get you back to being productive. We take our work seriously, but try to bring a sense of fun and ease to our work. We promise to resolve all issues quickly, professionally and with a smile. How fast will you get help? Give us a call. We guarantee our services!

Onsite Support

YourNewDesktop staff are available when you need us and how you need us. We save you time and money by consolidating professional Information Technology services in one location for many businesses. But we understand that when you need support– you need them! We will happily provide support at your site when when you need us. We are in the South Bay Area with professionals from Monterey to Tracy. Our company keeps our focus on creating support for you that is effective. We always like to hear from you about how our business helps yours, but it’s just as important for us to hear about how we might improve our services for YOU.

Remote Support

Do you need some help right now? Give us a call. We have certified professionals who are always eager to solve difficult issues and ready to listen. They are trained to deliver only the best and have the experience and patience to work with people of all skill levels.

Existing Clients Client Access Portal

Please use any of these options for your service request:

  1. Send an email to with details of the issues and your contact information
  2. Login and create a service request in our client portal access (Username and Password require)
  3. Call support at (408) 834-7774 x2
    Call YourNewDesktop
  4. Contact Sam Wong on Skype
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  5. Remote Support with ShowMyPC

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