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Do you know if your network is Secure?
Why wait for something to happen?

sonicwallYourNewDesktop is a Medallion Partner and we are Certified Sonicwall Security Administrator (CSSA). With tradition firewall, it will only block or allow particular ports through the firewall. In today complex computing world, the hacker are getting smarter and much more sophisticated.

With Sonicwall Unified Threat Management (UTM), it provide an inspection for every piece of data and application services going through the firewall. This is like having a security guard who will check your social security and a valid picture ID at every exit and entrance to your business.

sonicwallIf you are currently using a firewall that lack these features, we highly recommend you upgrade and secure your network ASAP. It will definitely improve your work environment and provide stronger protection for your valuable data. Don’t let your business suffer, thrive and profit instead.






Here is a lists of Sonicwall FEATURES:

  • Intrusion Prevention (know when you are being attack)
  • Anti-Virus Gateway (Always upto date)
  • Firewall Services (better performance)
  • Anti-SPAM (better productivity)
  • Content filtering (protect against bad sites and content)
  • Wireless (Guess and Internal)
  • DHCP over VPN
  • Deep Packets / Applications Inspection (Not just a firewall)
  • IPSec VPN (Client and Site based – Remote offices)
  • SSL VPN (Remote workers)
  • Redundent Failover (meet your SLA)
  • Load balancing (Great for web hosting)

Give us a call to talk to our certified administrator. We can evaluate your current environment and provide a solution for your needs. As a high value partner, we can also offer you deep discount on your purchase. We have certified Sonicwall CSSA on-staff and a CISSP at your service.

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